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Default Re: New Hookah Suggestions! please!

Here's the way i see it. you may agree, or you may not. If you want a quick cleaning, quick setup/takedown, and you will be smoking alone or with 1-2 more people, then i'd say go with a smaller mya. they're pretty easy. If you'll be smoking with a few more people, and you don't mind the set up and cleaning and all of that, you cannot go wrong with a KM. just a little insight. hope this helped out. but remember, with the mya, you'll need to upgrade a few things to make it draw almost as easy as a KM. like you'll need a new hose and stuff. enjoy your smoke. just remember, in the end, smoke is smoke, and it's about what makes you happy, and what will make those around you enjoy it. alot of factors go into pickin outa hookah. IMO. ha.
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