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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the future

Originally Posted by daedra
i know there are people who buy a hookah and just stick it in their closet a monthlater but we do the same with take for example gaming systems. you have the diehards, and then you have the people who enjoyed it for a short time but went onto something else.
I have met one of two of those people in my day, but nearly all of the hookah owners I know (including myself) go through similar phases. Smoke a month then put it away for a month. I too go through phases where I put it away and forget about it, but then I pick it up a few weeks to a month later and smoke a couple times a day for a few weeks to a few months. I do not think that these people are doing it because it is "in" or "cool". Sometimes its nice to take a break from smoking and do other things for a while.

It is also my opinion that a significant majority of hookah bar/cafe goers are in it for the "fad" reason. With my experience at hookah bars/cafes I have noticed that nearly all of the smokers are young and obnoxious. I question how many of them are actually of smoking age. Most of them look like they are around 16. I rarely smoke in hookah cafes/bars anymore because I can't relax around all of the obnoxious "kids" thinking they are cool because they are smoking.

However I do know this...
My local hookah smoking friends and I have already been smoking hookah for 3+ years and will certainly still be smoking in the years to come.
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