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Default Re: how long does it take you to set up?

Heck it usually only takes about 2-3 min because we don't wash our hookah all the time... Really no point in washing it EVERY smoke session, but thats a whole new discussion. When we do clean it... 5-6 min is about right. Great video John, I have seen some people do setups and spend about 15-20 min just cleaning the freakin thing, then pack the bowl, get new foil, then light the coals, so in upwards of 30 min or so. Heck even when I do instant lights I get em hot first and set on the ash tray to get fully lit by the time the bowl is packed, blow into the hose to make sure its clean(I know let the jokes begin), stick on the coals, wait 30 seconds to get hot and puff puff pass.

BTW, when we come up to Cali I am sooooo stoppin in for a smoke, I thought our garage converted into smoke apartment was dope.

I will get some pics sometime of our friends filling up every small space to try n get some of the hookah, lawl. I need to buy another hookah so bad it's not even funny. I need to call you about the 48" MZ John, is your phone number still the same?
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