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Default Re: Another Glass tip thread?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
here is my opinion on it.

glass tips are cool, most of the lamp workers you are going to find that do production work do NHT stuff and their stuff that isnt looks like that. production work is cool and all but if you really want a glass tip go talk to a local lamp worker and get one made.

as to production work i would like to see them with simple, traditional color designs (thats just my style, i like traditional glass blowing on the large scale so i like the traditional stuff). i would like to see some simple thin lines twisted up, a nice rotocello would be really cool too. honestly though lamp workers are a dime a dozen and most of the suck at what they do. glass working is not easy and a lot of glass workers put junk out and people buy it because they dont know better

i agree on almost every point, I think that most of the glass blowers are primarliy into blowign NHT items, which this guys is as well, but i have seen his work, and i he has a lot of pieces that are in the same kind of colorations and styles i am looking for. I told him specifically that i want to avoid drawing a paralell with my tips and the NHT culture, and he totally understood. I am meeting him sunday night after work to talk some more and show him around a hookah.
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