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Default Re: how long does it take you to set up?

if i had a smooth bore one piece stem i would clean it that fast (thats what i did with my rotator that is now in retirement, might pull it out some time but need to fix some stuff on it since it smoked fine just was junky quality). i take 5 mins almost exactly to clean my hookah if i scrub it hard core (just did it with a timer going for diner so i saw how long it took) and other than that it just needed to be dried, assembled, and packed which takes less time than nats do to light up)

honestly if some one was taking 45 mins to set up a hookah i would just walk in and do it, any one i smoke with know how to set up a hookah though so it should take just a few mins for them to do it... but they always ask me to do it any way

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