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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the future

Originally Posted by hookahMaster22
It is also my opinion that a significant majority of hookah bar/cafe goers are in it for the "fad" reason. With my experience at hookah bars/cafes I have noticed that nearly all of the smokers are young and obnoxious. I question how many of them are actually of smoking age. Most of them look like they are around 16. I rarely smoke in hookah cafes/bars anymore because I can't relax around all of the obnoxious "kids" thinking they are cool because they are smoking.
haha! funny you would mention this! last night i went to Al-Wahas outdoor BBQ (its in southern california, down the road from Fusion). the food is great, the hookah is great but the kids there ... heres some examples:

-girl is being a idiot and messing with the bowl, somehow a coal flies off and lands on the concrete, she freaks out, "pick it up pick it up!!!", im watching this and thinking, "dinner and a show?"

-a group of about 6 high school kids show up, they crowd into one table and only order one hookah, im thinking, "WTF! borrow more money from mommy!"

-another young girl (with a loud voice) kept saying, "omg, im going to buy one of these hookahs and smoke &*%$ in it!"... im thinking, "stick with rockstar energy drinks and highschool musical"

on and on and on.
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