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Hey dude, I bought the same brand coals from the same site although they werent the silver coated blocks they were the quick lite discs. Unfortunately they werent that great. I found that every time I lit a disc it would either explode or break. Last night I put one on and it split in half not vertically but horizontally resulting in two very thin discs. They dont produce loads of heat either. I would suggest the best to be the Coconara Natural Coals. They are currently out of stock at but the moment they are back in get them. the last for ages, dont burn the tobacco and give no extra taste. I use an electric heater to heat it but can also be done on a fire stove so any cooker will do jst takes a little longer on the fire one.
Let me know if you find any you like as im in UK too and tired of the standard swiftlites.

Oh and if you dont have any cooker to heat it on my best suggestion would be to get a proffesional chefs torch which is used to caramelize deserts etc ie if you live in UK then you can get one from TK max for 10 will heat up any coals nicely

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