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Default Egyptian Bowl Set-up

I Recently bought a Khalil Mamoon, Alam Misr 28 inch, it has a small egyptian style bowl that isnt very deep but wider than normal. Unfortunately I havent been able to get the best smoke out of it. It usually burnt the tobacco (AF grape) too quickly and alot became stuck to the bottom of the foil used. I then tried two sheets of foil that helped but i didnt experience the great taste that Al fakher is reknown for. Im using both coconara natural coals (2 of them) which helps as there is no added toxication, but the tobacco is still not pure flavour. When using European standard golden flash instants its even worse.
Looked around for a decent tutorial to set up a bowl but most of them being phunnel/vorex bowls.
Need some help to rekindle the flame of AF (was my first flavour and not impressed yet, my nakhla apple seems better)
Ive attached pictures of the tobacco, coals as well as the bowl.
The dimensions of the bowl is about 2 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch high from the bottom to the rim.
Im in the UK so I want to use my coconaras sparingly until retailers decide to stock back up on them. got too many of the instants so any advice would be great.
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