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Default Re: Hello to Hookahpro

Originally Posted by socialsmoke
Some quick answers
1. Should work with most Syrian Hookahs
2. hose ends don't come off
3. it is a metal coil. Because we did not purchase these hoses direct, we are not sure if they are washable and can not confirm it.

On suggestions:
1. Your idea of rubber stoppers to close off both ends of the stems, Can you explain how would this be useful?
2. We don't carry Tangiers Bowls (funnel and super cheif) as we have a full line of high quality clay hookah bowls that we produce:
3. Hose brush set, what hose type would you be using this for.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions


Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
Hi Ali,

If you could i'd like for you to tell us a little about this item: I'm wondering if you can: use it with most Syrian narghiles, do the tips both come off, does it have a metal coil and just how washable it really is.

Also, i'm suggest you carry the following: rubber stoppers to close off both ends of the stem and smoke inlet holes, rubber stoppers to close of both ends of hoses, funnel bowls, scali mods and super chief bowls. I would be nice if you could carry a high quality hose brush as well.
You'd want to close off both ends of the stem while cleaning to keep the cleaning solution in the narghile for prolonged soaking. It's a great idea. As to brushes most brushes simply can't get past the coils, are too wide to fit into a hose unless both end come off and tend to hang up on the coils. Something like this:
is pretty good except the bristles are often not stiff enough.
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