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Default Re: The KM I almost bought today

Originally Posted by protestingrab View Post
Akhi Al-Masri, I had a question for you. I have a friend who is American studying in Cairo right now and will be coming back in 3 weeks. He is trying to make some place in his suitcase so that he can bring me back a nice KM. Can you give me an idea generally where the store is in Cairo? Also just out of curiosity how much would it cost to ship a single hookah from Egypt to the US? Thanks for the info that is one beautiful hookah, Mabruk!

Sure I would not mind helping.

The store is in Old Cairo .... Near to El Hussein area. He can take a cab to El Hussein area and ask to be dropped right in El Azhar st. right in front of El Sagha st. (The jewellers in Egyptian Arabic). Since no vehicles can go into El Sagha st., he will go through the street on foot (El Sagha street is perpendicular to El Azhar street), it's about a 10-15 minute walk. Tell him to wear some really comfortable footwear because the floor is interlocked stone which is really painful to walk on sometimes.

After about 10 minutes of walking he should find the first - and smallest - KM store on his left, tell him to forget about that, and go through and ask for building # 100, that is the one with the main KM store, right on his left.

At the worst he can call the store at 0227869810. Just make sure they do not overcharge him because he's American.

Tips for not being overcharged:

1- Don't look too amazed or impressed.
2- Know your shit. Ask for the proper terminology:

Stem = قلب
Vase = فارغة
Hose = لي
Hose port adapter = كعب
Hose tip = مبسم
Grommet = تخشينة
Ash tray = طاسة
Windcover = شربوش
Bowl = حجر
Ball Bearing = رمان بلي

3- An average stem is 100 EGP, give or take .... A solid brass stem is 150-200 EGP depending on the amount of ornaments, handmade work ...etc. A stainless steel stem can NEVER go over 100 EGP.

4- Vases are 10-15 EGP, except huge bohemians which can go up to 40.

5- Hoses (tip and port adapter included) are 20-30 EGP tops.

6- The rest are usually cheap items (grommets go for 0.50 EGP, stainless steel ash tray is 10, brass is 15, windcover is same as ash tray, bowl is 1 EGP) .....etc.

7- Last, but not least and actually MOST importantly, haggle like you never did, don't show your cash until the deal is finalized, don't take too many photos (very touristy attitude which means to them that you are loaded)

Also tell him to make sure the vase is well wrapped in his suitcase with clothes/newspapers... etc., just broke a vase yesterday while driving through a pit (it was in a bag in the trunk of my car).
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