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Default Re: Looking at Egyptians, any reccomendations?

Originally Posted by f4llacy
I read a few reviews already, it's just hard to narrow it down. I'll definitely look more into Syrians, I saw a few of those that I liked as well.

What all should I consider purchasing at this point along with the hookah? A new hose has been mentioned, obviously some shisha, and some coals. Are any other accessories worth it (heba diffuser, etc)?

Thanks again,
I like how it seems that you know what your options are and what you're getting yourself into. Someone has been doing their homework! That's good. Like others have said, look into Syrians and quality Traditonals like the ones you mentioned. Also, you can check out They have a beautiful selection of Syrian's as well as Traditionals... You could also check out Mya's, but expect to pay a higher price, and it's not "traditonal". But they're bad ass(one of the best in my experience), so it really is up to you and how much you're willing to spend. Just remember, you get what you pay for. And hookahs with a higher price tag, are more expensive for a reason.

In my honest opinion, I think before you start buying a bunch of "enhancing" or "improving" upgrades (such as heba diffuser, Tangier's phunnel bowl, etc.) you should first master hookah smoking with the basic accesories. That way your sessions won't purely rely on a few ugraded accesories. Then after you've accomplished perfect sessions with the stock accesories, you can move into upgrading accesories. At that point, it'll be much more rewarding and satisfying I think...
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