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Default Re: Looking at Egyptians, any reccomendations?

Originally Posted by f4llacy
I won't leave it hanging on it :P

I don't know, it was recommended that I get a better/washable hose. I'll probably pack it up anyways when it's not in use... then again, it's going to get pretty nasty if it's lying on the table during use. Sigh...
if you do get a QT, be sure that it comes with a hose because if the nammor is too much weight, you might have to save the nammor for when you get a syrian like you were saying. there is a big difference with a nammor though - very pleasurable smoke! keep in mind that mahir from nazar hookah dot com sells a razan hose that is (i think) cheaper and has different colours, its about the same as a nammor (or exactly the same, im not sure!).

also, about the small funnel, good choice! the funnel creates a little pool for the juices to sit in (more flavor!) whereas a normal bowl lets the juices drip down and particles to fall through.

one thing for sure - never be scared of all the choices you have, shisha smoking is so relaxing and elegant that youre bound to get deeper and deeper into it.
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