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Default Re: Lookie what I got!

Originally Posted by tempest View Post
Hey odd question. If you look at the right side of the 1st picture, you can see the charcoal carrier that was kind enough to gimme free of charge. Anyone if it's ok to heat up my coals in that thing? I mean, just pop that on the gas. It's all metal; the handle is welded on there. I fell like the whole thing would get heated up. Would rather not ruin it.
It is just a carrier. If you put the whole thing on the grill/stove it would take a very long time for any heat to reach the coals and then probably not enough to light them. More than likely you would end up damaging the coal carrier. If the handle is metal you would not be able to grip it, wood will ignite and plastic will melt. I assume it's like most other coal carriers and punched from sheet metal entirely.
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