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Default The Facts And Truth About Soex 100% Tobacco Free Herbal Hookah

Here are the facts and truth about Soex coming from from the Exclusive Importer of Soex:

Soex is a product some love and some hate. It is not bad but not as good as Tobacco. The issue is that most people compare it to tobacco and of course Soex will not appeal to Tobacco Smokers.

Soex is Natural . Herbal. It is made with Suger Cane Abstract and Natural Herbs. Soex is primarily used by non tobacco users and cities that have banned tobacco smoking in Hookah Bars. Believe it or not, Soex sales have reached records in the past 5 months due to new laws nationwide which you might see coming to your area.

If you smoke tobacco, it will take you time to adapt to Soex. Some of us do not accept the facts but we like the Tobacco Nicotine. I do, I can not go without hookah for over a day. We smoke in the warehouse daily with multiple bowls. Is that good? Well no but I have to.

I have tried Soex. It will never be the same as Tobacco but it is smooth. It Tastes similar to tobacco, made by the same company as Afzal, and as all tobaccos on the market, not all Soex flavours are very good or number one. I am an exclusive importer for Soex and I am straight out telling you the facts.

I personally like the Peach, Strawberry, Double Apple, Blueberry, Blackberry, Sweet Melon, Orange and LemonLime. These are my favorites. The least sellers for us are Aniseed and beleive it or not Pina Colada.

Feel free to ask me anything you want about Soex. I am here to listen. If you have any strong comments, feel free to email them to me at , or feel free to post them here and I will check and reply to all comments directed to me.

Soex is the healthier way to go around hookah but it is more of the future than now. Once all the new laws kick in and taxes rise, more and more people will be smoking Soex just like in UK and Canada. Some states effected so far by laws are NY, CA, NJ, WA, TX IL and much much more.

Also from what I hear, the government is trying to enforce online banning of tobacco sales, so if this happens, Soex will also be a prefered brand online as that would be the only thing you can buy online. There is another brand out there which is herbal and Exotica is working on releasing their Herbal but till them, stay safe, and enjoy the hookah!

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Exotic Imports USA
The Home of Exotica Charcoals / Coals
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