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Default Problems Smoking Al Fakher

I bought a couple of 50g packs of Al Fakher just to try a few flavors and see if I liked any. I have smoked this stuff about four different times and have had trouble getting it to smoke right. Al Fakher seems to be very heat sensitive, the first time I tried it out I packed it just below the rim of my generic ceramic bowl that I use most of the time and threw two coals on and burned it. The second time I tried using less coal, but then couldn't get as much smoke. Also I tried out the small tangeirs phunnels bowl I bought and still couldn't seem to get things right. I don't know how I keep screwing this up, but for some reason I've only had this problem with Al Fakher (which really is painful considering how amazing their strawberry smells lol). If anyone has had similar problems like this or could give any helpful tips or tricks I would really appreciate it.
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