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Default Re: a few phunnel bowl questions...

this phunnel bowl craze is odd. the original tangiers phunnel bowl really has a lot into it that can't just be copied. You can copy the dimensions and specs all you want but what they use is not what the chinese ceramic phunnel bowls are made of. not only that it seems like there are so many copies of the phunnel bowl out there now. last summer or so the "chinese phunnel bowl" came out and it just looked perfect, and it was cheaper. afyer smoking it for a bit, and interchaning bw it and my original tangiers bowl I did notice that there was a difference, depending on what tobacco you are using. I do know what it was, I just didn't like them anymore, I have stuck with my original ever since. Everytime I am at a wholesaler I see a new copy of the phunnel bowl, and most are made out of ceramic, including havana and including starbuzz's copy, and i can remember the name, maybe hypnosis. these companies take a perfectly good original product and try to copy someone else's invention and undercut the price thinking it's going to be the "new" original and outsell it. I for one can't stand the site of them anymore, escpecially the ceramic ones. I should add that I had chinese standard ceramic bowls that come with most chinese hookahs (ceramic or porcelin? w/e) I will always swap out those bowls with egyptian clay, or if available a tangeirs phunnel bowl.
Now that I told you how I really feel about this subject let me switch gears a bit. I stopped by Caravan today and saw these:|293:1|294:30
At first I just turned away, I didn't want to see another copy of the original product. They look like they are not as well made/shaped as chinese phunnel bowls so I thought wow, this is even worse than the cheap know offs going around, they are just too imperfect. On my way out with other supplies I took one more look. I noticed it was made out of Egyptian clay, and glazedall the way through he inner port as well as the outside. I thought again about it and took one to try tonight, after all, this wasn't a chinese knockoff, but an egyptian knockoff made with egyptian clay. I have to admit I was really surprised, it smoked well and I think I will discuss it in another thread with details. There are a few pros and cons but I want to use it a few more times before making a complete judgment. So far, I'm thinking positive, but time will tell and I want to make an experienced decision on it.
Have you guys seen it and what do you think?
Back to the original topic, stay away from the imitations, just because hey say it's a phunnel, doesn't mean it was what you were looking for nor is it an original. You can tell by price sometimes as the knock offs should be less than $10.
I think I could discuss this issue alot more but I think my post is long enough atm.
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