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Default Re: Problems Smoking Al Fakher

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
obviously Al fakher is too complicated to some people.. To claim that IT has failed is to confess THEY have FAILED:..

No offense guys but come on.. stop harrasing Af all the time.. YES they had some trouble with a few batches of grape ( note: not all batches and just a few flavours) but it doesnt mean that the whole brand is wrong and this and that..
Maybe it was better before but it is still GOOD if you CAN smoke it.. so if you CANNOT smoke it then please just say this instead of saying the brand is bad.. cus its not...

Af is very special ... What I would do is:
pack it into the small phunnel bowl.. but it about to the rim and then just pack it alittle tighter with your fingers. press it down so it gets alittle bit more packed..
I dont know what coals you are using but if they are like coconara or ************* and maybe try 3 of them.. and this time .. when you start feeling the "burnt" or "tickeling throat" that some ppl feel.. thats when you need MORE heat..

Many ppl confuse this AF burnt with too mucjh heat and they take off heat which is often totally wrong.. this is when you need more heat ! either anotjher coal, or put the coals that you have on the edges, towards the middle a bit more. or put on windcover..
wait for alittle while.. and you will notice difference!
If it works your a genius, i never thought of that, and the way i pack starbuzz dont work for AF so i dont c a point in trying

Reality is it possible you could make a video of how you manage your heat for AF and help a ton of ppl out
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