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Default Re: Problems Smoking Al Fakher

Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
Svenska for the world! Haha...I'm with Nima on this one. No matter if Al Fakher has been sucking it up or not, this is a preparation error. I too have burned Al Fakher at times, but patience is the key my friend. Pack the bowl loosely like how you normally do. Poke small holes and space them evenly, not too close. Throw two coals on there and keep an eye on it bro. Purge it every now and then and if quite a bit of smoke is coming from the top of the bowl, things aren't going well. Just be patient, that's the key with everything. Just take your time and be patient and you'll get it right man. Salaam

- Mohamed

On key my friend... pack AF very light like sprinkling it in the bowl very loose, with two coals at most. Don't touch the tobacco with the foil or it will burn. I move my coals in a star type rotation to keep the tobacco from getting too hot about once every 8-15 min. Once the smoke starts getting thin, light another coal and continue the rotation... I've had many 2+ hour sessions for 3-4 people smoking with one bowl pack and 4-5 coals total, starting with two at first then lighting one more each time the coals just start to die down. Purging is key with AF as well, about once every 25-30 hits throw a full purge in it. I also found that the vortex/phunnel is amazing with AF as traditional bowls are a bit harder to maintain a good smoke. Good luck and keep experimenting as you will NEVER know what you like unless YOU try it.
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