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Default Re: KM Brass 47". Sexiest hookah alive

Smoked that thing yesterday. My impressions on it :

Aesthetics are the best, it gets u into the mood pretty much.

The base is VERY heavy, and adjusting water level in a blue base is a bitch, after few pulls I noticed the downstem was not even submerged ! .... had to add more water. Takes like 2x water other bases take.... little annoyance but fine.

The pull on that thing is very easy, smokes like a real champ. Smoking was so nice (broke it in with SB Guava ..... smoked for 90 minutes till I got really bored LOL).

Stability is a little issue with such high hookahs. I was scared it tips over if I pulled the hose and it would've been a real mess with coals on the couch and such. However with being careful a bit more than usual it was fine.

Last but not least, as with the other two KMs, all KMs need a good wash AND a few sessions to break it in and get rid of the slight metal taste. I don't mind a couple of such sessions. This is my third KM and I expected it. If anyone has a solution to this issue let me know so when I get my 4th KM I'd follow it LOL.
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