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Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
C'mon Zen, surely you know how the low prices high shipping deal works. LOL I'm not picking on any vendor in particular when I say that either. It happens with vendors that carry items other than hookahs as well. I wanted to get some fishing tackle that's hard to find nearby and I wanted to see how much shipping would cost. 1 pack of 25 hooks in a plastic bag with a cardboard namecard on it was $6.95 shipping! Bad enough the hooks were $7.95 for 25.
Agreed. Some computer part vendors do this so when you search in any shopping search engine would display their item first when sorted by price, but u'd pay much more in total. This was recently mitigated by some engines like Amazon marketplace and Yahoo Shopping started adding up shipping to product price!

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
They are just too damn lazy to go out of their ways to help a customer!
I think this is a generalization that is not always true. Some vendors are like that, but some others would go an extra mile for you, esp if you are a regular.

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Again, I love how nobody complains when they are buying a hookah or other large objects using the evil flat shipping rate. The bottom line is that some vendors need certain things standardized for purposes of processing orders. Also, they serve as a deterrent for people who just want to order one 50g pack and totally use the same amount of time it would take the vendor to process an order that would make more money. I understand that people are just venting here..but at the same time this is an issue that continues to be beat to death with no end of flat shipping rates in sight...get used to it guys...

+1. No one speaks when they order a solid brass hookah plus accessories and a few kilos of tobacco and pay X dollars ..... and the vendor has to pay out of their pocket to cover the extra shipping charge (of course the money made from such a big order would still cover that and they'd not come out short) ..... then they would not want to pay X dollars for 250g pack. I agree, you win some, you lose some.
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