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Default Re: a few phunnel bowl questions...

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
just fyi john, ceramic and porcelain are no different, porcelain is ceramic. there is no standard of what porcelain is but it is usually higher quality and, at least before glazing, a very pure white. once clay is fired it becomes ceramic, just the difference is between unglazed or glaze ceramic. AFAIK all bowls are fired because logically if they were not they would not hold up very long and could not be washed because they would start to rehydrate and break down. so even though they are "clay" the correct term is unglazed ceramic

sorry for the rantish response but this is a pet peeve of mine in general when distinctions are made of words for semantics sake yet the distinctions are totally off of what they really mean

Thanks for the brief explanation. However, there still are differences whether glazed clay or ceramic/porcelin. There must be and it does affect heat conductivity. Some better than others. The tangiers phunnel bowl uses a special type of clay that not too many know of, I actually have that secret info which I will do nothing with other than forget I have no interest in copying them.

For the user above who said the caravan ones suck why did you buy it, they are listed at the same price if not more than a tangiers. Would you be willing to pay $10 and if you paid $10 would it still suck.
The odd thing is you say your phunnel is too high, mine looks too low. I will post a review maybe in a few days.
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