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Thanks for the clarification:

The reason I got upset is because when we had the bad batch, people hated it because it was breaking in pieces and everyone was used to the hard coal. We pulled those off the shelves and made sure that all batches are tested daily to make sure the coals are good before distributed. When we saw the comment above, yes we took it as a bash due to the fact that someone is stating something is bad when it is made to be that way. It is like telling xyz brand of Tobacco, the tobacco is too wet and tastes too good.

No hard feelings bro. Just want to tell you that if Exotica is unbreakable, that is a good thing and not bad. If you can snap Coal by your fingers, then that is bad coal

Sorry for the defense attack. If something is bad, I admit it, but when something is good and talked negative when its supposed to be that way, I take offense. My bad...
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