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Default Re: Al Barudi Blend Smoking Impressions & Setup

By now several people have this stuff or it's on the way. Like so many traditional moassels this is very unusual in that it's an exceedingly complicated mellow product with nothing in particular dominating the profile. It doesn't produce the vast clouds so beloved by college kids since it lacks glycerin but the smoke production is still pretty decent.

The caution against aggressively smoking this stuff is for real! You will get knocked down and you will get a headache and you will lose a lot the enjoyment that this sort of thing has to offer if you treat this stuff like typical washed product.

Also, I should be heading to Iran on business in the near term and I should be able to score some Iranian Khansar since i'll be that area so keep an eye open for posts on that as I may grab enough to give some away.
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