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Default Re: Looking at Egyptians, any reccomendations?

Originally Posted by f4llacy
Again, some great information. I may end up with a qt and move up to a syrian later. I just can't bring myself to spend too much on my first one (yes i know you get what you pay for). I talked to some guys on the chat and narrowed it down. I'm looking at a qt, a small funnel, a nammor hose, a 3x al waha pack and a 1/2 box of golden quick lights. I know the qt has some mixed reviews, and can be subject to harsher smoke if not handled well, but it is more fitting for a college student (at least how I see it).

Still open to suggestions however.

A nammor won't work with the QT so you may want to rethink that. More importantly the QT is junk and a total waste of money. Within a year you'll spend AT LEAST $200 on charcoal and shisha which you'll waste on a bit of Chinese garbage. Given that you can get a great KM for about $60 it seems simply crazy to buy a QT for 40-50.
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