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Default Improving Auto Seal hookahs.

I got to thinking about the auto seal system a minute ago replying to another post....and decided to share a modification with y'all.

The auto-seal system is really eat in concept, but it has its draw backs. Most folks find them to be very restrictive when drawing smoke. Heres something you can do.

1. You can take of your auto seal hose connection and remove the bearing, you will see an orifice there that can be drilled out even wider.

Use smaller bits and work your way up, making the hole wider with each bit ( That way you dont accidentally bore it out more than you want.)

Additionally, you can bore out the little holes in the hose connector itself, you should find 3-5 holes in the bottom of the connection that you can widen or even add additional smaller holes to improve flow through that area as well.

I ended up just taking and drilling out a hose connection to make one big hole.... this will do away with the auto seal on that connection all together... but it does make it smoke a lot better.
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