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Default Re: New to this, is this alright?

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
i have heard over ten stories on this forum about how those coals explode. i would not suggest them at all. i would suggest ******* hookah natural coals, and exotica natural coals, or if you're stuck on quick-lights; ******* hookah instant light, and 3 kings.
yes, it is better to light quicklights on a stove but a lighter is just as efficient.

it depends on your tobacco. usually, there is more than one coal on the bowl; but it all depends on the bowl, and the tobacco being smoked.

any kind of smoking is bad for you, especially when you use quick lights, but i usually smoke between 1-7 bowls a day, depending on my schedule and my mood.
1-7 bowls a day thats alot. and i think smoking 4 bowls is alot. well 4 bowls is them most i will smoke in a day
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