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Thumbs down Broken vase!!! NOOO!!!

So. I broke my vase to my Mya Paragon. 60 bucks. Gone. Just like that.

I was moving the hookah because it started raining and i swear i grabbed the top of the vase/ and bottom of the stem, and as i went to knock the coal off into a large ash tray nearby (because we were heading inside and i had just gotten chewed out for lighting nats on the stove...[dorm]) i see the beautiful vase go crashing into the concrete.

As i shouted out a very clear stream of curse words, I managed to avoid cutting up my bare feet (miraculously) amidst the shattered glass bits, thank goodness...But SERIOUSLY! First a phunnel and now my VASE?! f*** that!

I did a price check and it'd run me 60 bucks for a new vase... I'm just gonna put the money towards a KM/Nour/MZ.

Maybe just a bambino?

Who knows...

I'm not happy...

This is ridiculous. Grr.
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