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Default Re: The Facts And Truth About Soex 100% Tobacco Free Herbal Hookah

I've never tried Black Label or the various other herbal shishas you can get in Europa but I have had some experience with Soex. Basically I don't like the fact that every time I use it I get slivers stuck in my fingers and that a lone makes avoid the product. In terms of taste it's alright but no wheres near as good as even mediocre tobacco products. The smoke is thin with no mouth feel and worst of all the flavour is gone in about 15-20 minutes. I won't say I hate soex but it's not my thing. Afzel on the other hand is a great product.

By the way, I hope your company will look into carrying other Indian shishas and jurak products.

I don't buy the stuff about nicotine and in the past i've but up stuff about studies dealing with how it's the sensation of smoking rather then the chemical components of tobacco smoke that are habit forming. In any case, given that anti-tobacco research is so seriously flawed and blatantly biased some carefully reading will show that the dangers are radically over stated. Still, I guess when the prohibitionist movement bans tobacco or makes to expensive to buy a lot of us will be smoking soex all the time. personally, i'd rather go without smoking if I can't get a lot of enjoyment from it.
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