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Default Re: New to this, is this alright?

hello, welcome

you can light quick likes with a lighter but when i would use them with friends we would still put them on a stove because it got them properly burning better with out having to blow on them for ever (you dont want any black left but the sparks usually dont get every where especially the bottom).

i would suggest getting different coals, i have heard nothing but bad about those, at least 3 kings or goldens for the quick light department since most stores at least sell those. if you want to order off line go with the ******* hookah coals, i havent used johns quicklights but the nats are good, not as good as coconaras directly side by side in my opinion but with the price difference the cocos are not worth it (johns just burn a touch faster and dont stay as hot when small but its minimal but they are better consistency on size). you will need a coil burner if you use nats but they are 10 bucks from walgreens and the best investment for a haookha smokers

as to how much to smoke, i used to smoke 3 bowls a day (in a row) but have cut back to 2 but its pretty consistent for me. hookah isnt good for you of course but its no where near as bad as most other things. i balance it out because i know if i dont smoke i will be more stressed and eat because i am bored/stressed so either way i know i will have something bad being done to my body so why not enjoy it

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