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Default Re: does brand matter?

huge differences but it does come to personal taste

AF= washed tobacco (no to light buzz), semi candyish flavors, wet, dyed (it is a polarizing tobacco with people either loving or hating it, i personally am not a fan of it)

Nakhla= lightly washed/unwashed (medium to heavyish buzz), more natural flavors (egyptian style is more realistic lighter flavors), dryer tobacco, usually undyed

Tangiers Nour= un washed (heavy buzz), flavors are pretty realistic but unique, wet, no dye, better smoked out of a tangiers bowl and takes more effort to smoke ( this is also polarizing of a brand)

Starbuzz= washed, soggy wet, dyed, very candy flavors, expensive as crap

Al waha= lower quality washed (a bit less buzz than nakhla) some good flavors some bad, people either think its trash or that it is decent brand, very few think it is a great brand

HookahHookah/Hookahfreak= washed, lower quality, pipe tobacco cut of tobacco,moist but not overly wet but it is a very thin liquid on it, flavors are ok but it has a weird over all taste to it due to the tobacco used

those are your main brands people will talk about here all the time,

your personal tastes dictate what you want to smoke, when i started smoking hookah i like SB, and AF, i started smoking tangiers at the local lounge, then after i got my rig i started trying al waha (only one or 2 good flavors i found) and nakhla some, which is my go to tobacco now (i have 20 flavors of nakhla in my stash, 1 of AF that is an old pack i got for free, 7 tangiers, 4 SBs one was free and one was a trade and 2 salloums)

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