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Default Re: It IS addicting

Yea, i seem to have surges of craving hookah. Like for a month ill smoke every day, then the next month i will smoek once a week. Same goes for caffeine, im a big energy drink guy. Sometimes i will drink 2 a day for a week, then the next week i deal with the headaches for a day and drink water without any caffeine intake. I guess i like the feeling of getting a big rush or buzz, something that wont exist if you use it habitually. I know to stop using caffeine when im having it just to not get a headache and to wake me up. Same with nicotine, i mean its kinda nice getting a buzz off of hookah hookah tobacco every once in a while because of my tolerance going down.

now that i think of it, same goes for alcohol. Before a big party, i will drink the day before just to get my tolerance up for beer pong and such. But if i went to that party without drinking the day before, i would be hugging the toilet all night.

I find it quite interesting how humans can change their cravings for whatever it is, just by knowing that it will be that much better if you lower or heighten your tolerance for something. I dont think that would classify as an addiction, just periodic tides of cravings and fastings of whatever you use.
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