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Default Re: Just ordered my first KM

I have maanyyy hoses.. I have 3 razors ( 2 of them broken because of bad quaility ), I have a few KM, a few mya , and even a 45 dollar emir hose..
THIS hose for this hookah is the BEST there is.. Its soooo beautiful !
defenitly the best material I have seen on a hose..
no its not washable but what does it matther.. use it for similair flavours and blow out of it when ur done..

I got the pink "football" hookah that has good the same hose as this one.. the hookah was not nice but this hose made it worth it!

and yeah also.. as soon as you get it.. throw away the ridicoulus bowl hat comes with it.. its soo worthless.. like ceramic and not even deep enough to be able to smoke through.. so its for decoration..
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