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Default Re: Looking at Egyptians, any reccomendations?

Originally Posted by Huskysibe
Originally Posted by HookahETC
Syrians are the better more higher quality way to go over any Egyptian; including KM's, MZ, and others.
There are plenty of reviews to prove it, just search. Not saying those Egyptians are bad...theres just better out there.
Ha Ha thats funny, its a matter of opinion. Everyone has their opinion and to say that Syrians are better than ANY egyptian out there is highly subjective. Ask Sambooka how his new Syrian compares to his KM. So to blanket statement and say Syrians are superior is flase. Each type has their good points and bad points. I would put my Starbuzz hookah up against any hookah out there, the draw is as easy as breathing.


I speak of mine...I can't speak for no one else Billy. Lol.

Syrians are generally made of much higher quality materials, and are made stronger. Again, this is in my experiences with the Syrians I deal with. They tend to seal alot better, have much less screw ups, and smoke alot better. Im not dogging any KM's or anything, I like them as well. I just think Syrians are a better, stronger, higher quality piece...and I have tons of reasoning behind it.

As far as a QT...what Sambooka said...don't do it. Lol.
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