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Default Re: My KM= SEX!!! Pics!!!

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
No hostility here bro'! But it does seem people get alot of flack for responding to old threads. And in my opinion it's unnecessary. HP has an archive that is unrivaled imo and not only do new members have a right to use it, but I often encourage it! Many new smokers value the archive as a learning tool and that is a good thing. Have we had problems in the past w/necros? Absolutely! But when a members chooses to respond to a thread in a clearly innocent manner, neither you nor anyother member has the right to chide or otherwise denigrate that individual! Plain and simple!

This is true and I agree to some extent..
Just posting "nice hookah" in a thread like this.. ?? come on.. there must eb some limits to necro..
if it was a post about setups and someone asks a quesction it is very good .. but a post like this ..
no hostility here either I just say that I agree with trivial on some points and with you Abu on some other.. but this thread weas in my opinion bad necro :S
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