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Default My First Hookah!

Yes, this Monday I bought a hookah for myself and my fiancee. I'm really excited, as from the experience I've had hookahing so far from the lounges, I'll really enjoy it.

I'm not an avid smoker, and have only smoked once that wasn't a hookah (and a rather unpleasant experience at that, not something I'll be doing again).

Anyway, on Monday, after shopping around, I decided upon the 10.5" Melon Tower Hookah from It was small, and had good reviews. Plus, it was in my budget for right now. It came with two 50g Romman samples. I got Vanilla (my fiancee picked) and Ivory Coast (I picked). While there, we also purchased some herbal shisha (Hydro Herbal): Black Widow, Flower Power and les Duex.

Later in the week, after some further reading, I decided to also buy some coals and another bowl. I got some Coco Naras and a vortex.

As of right now, my hookah will be returning home before I do. I'm in the final week of school, and I hop on a plane back to Vegas the 12th. When I get back, I'll swing by Walgreens for a coil burner and hopefully be smoking hookah in no time!

As a new friend to the hookah, I've been doing a lot of research, as I want the best experience possible. I just want to say thank you to everyone who posts such insightful reviews and howtos in the video section and on the forums. Also, any other help would be greatly appreciated.

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