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Default OSS 117: Cairo, Den of Assassins

I got to see the squeal to Cairo, Nest of Spies recently and it was really funny. The basic plot is that arrogant/racist/myscoginist James Bondesque French super spy OSS117 (played by Jean Dujardin ) returns to Cairo to save the monarchist/nationalist daughter of King Farouk ( played by Berencice Bejo ) from evil nazi kidnappers. Soon aftwards he becomes embroiled in a battle to put Farouk back on the throne and kick out Nasser.

Like the first film it's super farcical and the "hero" pisses off everyone with his boorishness but he doesn't mean to be an ass he's just is grossly insensitive by nature. Like in the first film he plays an Oud in some night club and his attempts at Arabic music are hilarious. They also have a couple of scenes where he smokes a narghile and talks about how great jurak and tombac are before he pisses off everyone and gets thrown out. He also has a fight scene where his gun jams and he he has to fight with a narghile. Naturally he throws coals, strangles someone with a hose and gets into a sword fight with a huge brass stem and he wins that fight in totally absurd way that had me laughing like crazy.

Naturally it ends with OSS 117 saving the day and predictions about the brilliant future awaiting France's empire in North Africa.

All in all it's a great squeal and amazingly funny.

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