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Default I am very happy with Hookah-Shisha, but I am not happy with my hookah

I recently got the ivory tower hookah, with the heba diffuser and alot of extras.

I set it up, perfect water, nammor hose 2.0, kiwi-strawberry starbuzz, al-ajdad coals, foil, and the diffuser.

it was hitting better than any hookah ive ever seen.
the bad part was we all got buzzed super early
and i puked from being dizzy.

Is it because the diffuser was on or what? I have smoked ALOT of hookah in my life and ive never gotten lightheaded or dizzy, but none have had the diffuser.

It hits like a dream, but I cant take it.
How do I make the buzz less?
Ive had a headache all day and i puked twice
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