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Default Re: Really noobie question

Originally Posted by Mutter
Ok, thanks for the help everyone!

Also, i did notice that the ball bearings are rusted, i thought i was buying the hookah brand new (bought it from hookah-shisha, and ive never used it once) so shouldnt everything have been brand new? The hose tastes like its been smoked out of, the stem smells like its been smoked out of, and the bowl smells sorta smokey, though it looks brand new. Hmm, i didnt know if this was a normal thing so i didnt complain about it, but now that you mention the ball bearings, im just wondering if i was sold a used stem
In all honesty dude, if I was you, I'd get in contat with hookah shisha. Because if it smells like it's been used, then it's probably because it has in fact been used. I would never even think that a reputable vendor like HS would advertise and sell a brand new hookah, only to send out a used one to the customer. You are right, the ballbearings should be new and in perfect condition, and the hookah or any other accesories of it shouldn't smell like anything else but air. Call them up before you use it and tell them the difficulty you've been having. They're also a member of this forum, so you can also send them a message with pics showing the rusted ballbearings. I'm sure they'll take care of you...
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