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Default Re: For my first this good?

Originally Posted by HookahETC
It amazes me that people do not use this forum to their ADVANTAGE. There are several vendor reviews and product reviews. Use them to your advantage, we are here to help you and we can steer you in the right direction. That hookah sucks, lets not beat around the bush. That site, has some VERY NICE hookahs for not much more. It just takes knowledge as to what to know what to buy and what to look for..until you gain that knowledge, ask people here who know it all already 8)
THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have said it better myself... I think it's a little common sense to research a product before buying it. Yet some people don't seem to have any of it (not poitning fingers at anyone, just saying). I don't buy something unless I research it to the fullest extent to make sure that what I'm buying is what I need/want and that I'll be satisfied with it for it's intended use. But w/e, you live and you learn right? People learn the best way through their own mistakes and not through the advise/mistakes of others...
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