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Default My new syrian!

I have made a topic asking for your opinion about some hookahs, I finally had some time and went to the shop.
I got home with this beauty:

I freakin like it! The shape and the whole design is amazing in my opinion.
I also tried it, i smoked AF plum. I'm not sure if it is because of the tobacco but I had so damn thick and huge white clouds that I never had. The pull was amazingly smooth and easy!

I also got a quite funny hose with it, it does the job but i will replace it with a razan in the future.

The purge is also good, it is even more superior compered to my another hookah. It takes about 10 seconds to fully clear the base.

And ye, it has got some sratches on it

I know that for some people this could mean, that you wouldn't buy it, but I was so amazed by its look that I couldn't leave it in the shop.

I also got a mege-super-extra sized tong with it, which works great!
The tray is just simple, nothing on it but It still looks good and fits the hookah.

So overall I'm really happy to have it, and I didn't regret buying it all.
It totally cost about 80 bucks.

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