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Default Re: Really noobie question

Originally Posted by Mutter
Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Ooohhh, ok, I see now. Yeah, yours are completely different to mine and the picture at hookah-shisha...weird. But anyway, put it back together the way you had it in the first pic. Just make sure to only put one ballbearing in the "purge port" side. Do not put one in the hose port side. And like Sambooka said, it seems that your purge port is the type that will require you to unscrew it a little each time you go to clear the chamber. Also, it seems that the ballbearings are rusted, if I were you, I'd get new ones from hookah-shisha (I believe they're plastic, so they won't rust). Before you put it back together, I HIGHLY recommend you oil the ballbearing up. Trust me, it'll allow it to work for some time, but like I said earlier, you should problaby buy a new ballbearing. Ballbearings are supposed to be clean and shiny, yours look pretty bad, so that's what's causing the problem...
Ok, thanks for the help everyone!

Also, i did notice that the ball bearings are rusted, i thought i was buying the hookah brand new (bought it from hookah-shisha, and ive never used it once) so shouldnt everything have been brand new? The hose tastes like its been smoked out of, the stem smells like its been smoked out of, and the bowl smells sorta smokey, though it looks brand new. Hmm, i didnt know if this was a normal thing so i didnt complain about it, but now that you mention the ball bearings, im just wondering if i was sold a used stem
Tyhat smokey smell.... i have noticed that with H-S hookahs.. but never took it to heart.
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