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Default Re: Really noobie question

Originally Posted by Sambooka
OK, seems like HookahMaster provided you with good advice. Leave out the ball bearing in the hose port (it is for an autoseal, but you are only using one hose so it doesn't matter). Put the other ball bearing on the other side along with the purge valve. You will be good to go!

OK, now about your ball bearings. When you wash your hookah, you need to separate the metal ball bearings from the stem and dry them. Or they will rust easily!
Personally I use a plastic BB for my ball bearing. They are cheap, they are light and work really well!

On the bright side, in the future you could always get another hose port and convert your hookah into a two hoser! But you wouldn't have a purge valve. If you get really good with managing the coals, you will have less harsh smoke and probably won't need the purge valve as much though. For now though, just stick to the one hose.

Hope that helps ... Cheers!
But he could put the ball bearing in the purge valve-turned-hose port like he did and have auto-seal, which is basically a purge valve.
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