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Originally Posted by ExoticImports
Thanks guys...!! Yes we are working on alot of things. Jimmy, did you ever get a chance to try the silver sample I had sent a month ago, well the whole concept changed Ill update you. Regarding the reason why we never did cubes or smaller pieces, each hookah uses a different size charcoal as well as each person prefers using different sizes. ie: I use 2 - 1/3 pieces of Exotica Coals on my hookahs. One on each side of the head. I have heard some people cut in 4's and others n half depending on the size of the head....

Looking forward to your replies. BTW, as stated, we remastered the silver coals and the quoting we are using is chemical free. It will be silver and a few other secrets but all natural Promise you will all love it. It seems silver is goig to be part 2 of Exotica which will be released followed by everything else one by one. Now Im on the forums as well as my vendors will all update you guys on upcoming events...

Thank you

Exotic Imports
The Home Of Exotica Coals
So do you use them without cutting them? My batches can be scored with the serrated saw part of a pocket knife and then snapped pretty effectively. i have only ever had one 1/4 piece break in half the long way, but that actually made me realize how well these coals are really made. The get heat all the way to the center in about 7 minutes or less, and to me that's not short of amazing.

If they keep getting harder, i guess i'll have to start working on my karate chop.
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