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Default Re: The Facts And Truth About Soex 100% Tobacco Free Herbal Hookah

A few things that have occurred to me:

1) Why is Soex herbal?
2) Why should anyone assume that smoking spent sugar cane is some how less harmful then tobacco?
3) Outside of the government/tobacco prohibitionist movement forcing us to abandon tobacco against our will why smoke something that doesnít taste very good or have decent texture when compared to virtually any shisha on the market?
4) What is the benefit of smoking something without nicotine given that nicotine is not carcinogenic nor addictive? Given that no one becomes addicted to nicotine patches or gum and serum levels in smokers peak a few minutes after the start of a session it seems pretty clear that the method of delivery (i.e. the process of smoking) is what is habit forming rather then any chemical component of tobacco smoke.
5) Given that shisha has negligible tar content (if any) and that water serves as an excellent mechanism to filter solids like tar why should we assume that smoking spent sugar cane is better then tobacco?
6) Given that the flavour of Soex is pretty sub-standard and short lived (although not actually bad in my opinion) why should I dilute the flavour of something I actually enjoy smoking by mixing in Soex?
7) Given that even the horribly biased and methodologically flawed ( but widely praised ) Surgeon General report of Ď64 found no public health threat from cigar and pipe smoking why should we assume that smoking mixtures of glycerine and flavouring of various sorts mixed with equal parts ( or less ) of tobacco or spent sugar cane will somehow be more harmful when filtered through water? Off hand I can only think that the higher CO levels are worrisome but even that has a lot to do with pipe size, coal type and smoking methods.

I donít expect much in the way of answers to questions above because in the end we are talking about the marketing of a product designed to circumvent the anti-hysteria so universal these days rather then promote a product that is actually safer to use. Given that smoking is first and foremost an aesthetic pleasure I donít see the point of the hobby if the sensations of taste and texture are diminished.
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