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Default Re: I am very happy with Hookah-Shisha, but I am not happy with my hookah

Originally Posted by Razore
I recently got the ivory tower hookah, with the heba diffuser and alot of extras.

I set it up, perfect water, nammor hose 2.0, kiwi-strawberry starbuzz, al-ajdad coals, foil, and the diffuser.

it was hitting better than any hookah ive ever seen.
the bad part was we all got buzzed super early
and i puked from being dizzy.

Is it because the diffuser was on or what? I have smoked ALOT of hookah in my life and ive never gotten lightheaded or dizzy, but none have had the diffuser.

It hits like a dream, but I cant take it.
How do I make the buzz less?
Ive had a headache all day and i puked twice
If you get sick when smoking you're doing something very wrong. I suggest you read the following: and change your smoking style accordingly. It would be very unexpected indeed if your problems are result of some basic problem with your rig. Typically, only small rigs cause problems with sickness and even then a bit of care in setup and smoking methods should still give an ok session.
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