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it hink your problem is your letting the coals go all the way out 1 coal will not last a whole bowl you have to either keep some lit in a pan or something or keep lightin them when your coal gets small try to keep as much even heat on there as you can and dont be afraid to move the coal with your tongs and dont let too much ash build up on the coal and once in awhile blow them off and flip the coal over skoot it around but keep lighting coals and find a good heat that makes the best smoke for your hookah and keep it there mine i have been using japanesse silver tabs lately and i usually have about 2 1 inch squares on there at all times using they dont have to be 1 inch squares on mine but as long as the little pieces of coald ass up to aprox 1 inch squares i get perfect smoke well as good as my rig can handle... just experiment and it it starts getting really hars... clear your vase of smoke and blow out your bowl hope it helps man sorry its soo long..
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