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Default Re: Legality of Outdoors Smoking?

Here's a few stories I've found - Failed

Workplaces and public places that must be smokefree include but are not limited to:
Bars and taverns, including bar areas of restaurants
Bowling centers
Bingo halls
Private and fraternal organizations
Employee break rooms
Private offices and commercial office buildings
Retail and wholesale establishments
Manufacturing plants and mills
Truck stops
Child and adult day-care
Assisted living facilities
Movies theaters and indoor entertainment venues
Hotels and motels (Exception: up to 25% of guest rooms may be designated as smoking rooms by the owner or entity in charge)
Work vehicles that are not operated exclusively by one employee
Smoking in hotel or motel rooms that specifically allow for smoking. The owner or entity in charge of a hotel or motel may designate up to 25% of sleeping rooms as rooms in which smoking is permitted.
If the owner or entity in charge of a hotel or motel chooses to designate up to 25 percent of sleeping rooms as smoking permitted, all smoking rooms on the same floor must be contiguous and the status of the rooms may not be changed, except to add more nonsmoking rooms.
The owner or entity in charge of a hotel or motel must notify clients upon check-in as to the smoking status of the rooms.
All hotel and motel sleeping rooms must be clearly marked either smoking or non-smoking on the exterior door of the sleeping room.
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