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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the future

only a handful of people are actually patient. i have one friend, who i hookah with quite a bit, we use my bambino because he doesn't mind taking to time to pass a hose, like everyone else i know DOES. He does his Kamehameha, i do my ring blasters, we have fun without worrying about time. We brew some tea and just relax. With my other friends it's just a scramble to get it ready and get them smoking.

ACtually, i recently have been hanging out with a very hippy-esque dude and met Noodles, this Chinese kid, through him. They are patient as well.

It's matters on the person. Usually the partiers are impatient bastards.

I've had people whine because it takes me 10 minutes to fully set up the hookah and get it smoking, which i think is pretty quick. And alot of people don't come smoke anymore because of time constraints.

I believe that it's the Normal active posters on this forum that will help keep hookah alive.
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