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Default Re: Nakhla Mizo Watermelon/Guava Mailing Sheet

Originally Posted by AbusiveNapkin View Post
I got a package of watermelon and guava and it was around $30 shipped from Egypt. I tell you, the stuff is worth it.
However, I only got one package of each unlike what TE said about getting two packages each.
Guys. Let's be calm here and go back to what I originally posted:

1- I said here :

P.S: The quantity of tobacco inside Nakhla packs here varies, sometimes it is a bit less than 250g.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: To serve HPers better, I decided that one pack orders will be two packs, and two pack orders will be four packs ..... NO EXTRA CHARGE. HOWEVER, THIS MEANS YOU GET SLIGHTLY ABOVE THE 250g/pack. I found out that each pack is 130-150g not 250g , so I am sending two packs for each pack ordered.
So practically I sent you TWO local packs of each, which are equivalent to a single pack of what you get in the US.

2- If you think it's only one pack because I sent it in one ziplock, no it is not. I put all the tobacco of the same flavors into one ziplock for ease of packing. I had a bitch of a packing job to do and thought u might not mind splitting it stateside.
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