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Default Re: Nakhla Mizo Watermelon/Guava Mailing Sheet

Originally Posted by AbusiveNapkin View Post
I remember what you said in this post, the thing that threw me off is by my scale, each ziplock bag weighed around 175 grams, on a 1,000g max scale.

I did repack and mail everyone's order very carefully. I started with grouping everything in an Excel sheet - which I emailed to h0lic to match versus the payments he received - and I lined up everyone's order before packing. No one got a single pack of the flavor because a single pack equaled to two packs.

Nakhla people here told me that each pack ranges between 120-180 grams approximately that is why I went with two packs each. Unfortunately I do not have a scale - and it is really expensive to buy it just for that purpose - and I am sorry if you received 150g less than what you were supposed to get.

Btw, I have no motive whatsoever to take tobacco out of yours. The pack of Nakhla here is 60-65 cents, which is DIRT cheap. If I need to smoke Nakhla, buying 10 packs is just as expensive as a three-piece chicken meal at KFC or a combo meal at McDonald's!

And, it wouldn't save me a lot in mailing charges, because mailing charges are tiered (for instance: 100-200 grams package costs X, 200-300 costs X+Y ...etc.) usually the differences are little. If I did what I did to your package ON PURPOSE, I would end up saving 60 cents in Tobacco and no more than 1 or 2 dollars on mail.

I am sorry for what happened to you, but all I can say is that I swear it was NOT my mistake and that I was trying to help and provide the community with a product that will still have to take some more time before it hits the US. I drove to Nakhla several times to buy heaps of tobacco, I bought supplies from stationary stores, I worked like a dog to cut through all the packs, cut the cardboard to a suitable size, repack tobacco into ziplocks, tape the ziplocks, seal the envelopes, write down addresses. Then comes the trips to different post offices and mailing the stuff.

Last but not least, I SINCERELY offer to refund each person the money I made on their order should they feel they are shorted/slighted or that it is not fair to them. I will calculate what they paid MINUS the out-of-pocket expenses (mail, repacking material and tobacco). I don't even want my personal expenses (time, effort, gas ...etc.) ...... The offer stands to anyone who has weighed their tobacco and found it less than 250g for a supposed pack. I care about my reputation in this community and I would not let some money or few grams of tobacco tarnish that. After all I never did this group thing seeking money, I did it to help the community and the money I asked for for myself was to cover personal expenses incurred and time.
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